The Uses of Black Salve

Black salve made from various recipes has been in use for centuries for treatment of skin complaints such as warts, moles, melanomas and other lesions on the skin.

It was once on sale in Australia but has now been rendered illegal by the disease industry there so the only way to obtain it, if that is where you live, is to buy the ingredients and make it yourself.

How to Make Black Salve

Purchase the ingredients from

You may need to have the set trans shipped by someone in Australia if you live elsewhere.


  • 25 grams Bloodroot
  • 25 grams Chapparal
  • 25 grams Graviola
  • 25 grams Galangal
  • These are supplied in a pre mixed 100 gram pack if you buy from Plant Essentials.
  • 250 ml Distilled Water
  • 125 grams Zinc Chloride
  • 25 ml DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide)
  • 25 ml glycerine


  • Put the water in to a Pyrex saucepan and add the Zinc Chloride
  • Bring it to boil stirring until there are no lumps
  • Mix the four herbs if you bought them separately
  • Pour the mixed herbs into the boiling solution and stir it to a smooth consistency
  • Add the DMSO and stir it through
  • Add the glycerine and stir it through
  • Simmer gently for 15 minutes
  • Pour the paste into a jar and let it mature for 2 days at room temperature
  • Store in a refrigerator. It will keep indefinitely but in time may dry out a little. Rehydrate by adding a little water


Apply the paste to the lesion and bandage it in place for 12 hours twice on successive days.

If that does not attain the required result you may need to puncture the lesion to allow it entry.

I would do it this way:

  • Paint the lesion and surrounding area with Betadine
  • Wait 5 minutes
  • Heat a hand sewing needle to red heat in a gas flame and allow it to cool
  • Puncture the lesion to draw a little blood
  • Discard the needle
  • Reapply the paste as above

The eschar once formed will simply drop off in due course.

Further Information

This video shows how to make black salve.

Positive and Negative Information

There is a lot of negative as well as positive information about Black Salve on the net. I don't know how much of the adverse material is real or photoshopped. Nor, if any of it is real just exactly what formulation was used. The product made to the method shown above has been used successfully to treat many severe cancers as well as simple melanomas, warts and moles. To get further information about this particular formulation see here One Answer to Cancer

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I have made a batch of this product for my own use following the procedure demonstrated in the video using product bought in Australia from Plant Essentials.