A Collection of Scripts and Programs to Help Adjust PDF Files Using Some FOSS Utilities

There are a number of excellent FOSS software packages available to manipulate PDF files, to convert them to Postscript and back, and to manipulate the postcript files in between. I have written some scripts and programs to make it easier for those challenged by the command line to use.

But note that the actual work will still be done at command line and that for some tasks it will be necessary to edit files in postscript form.

Tasks considered here are:

  1. Convert a PDF file with equal margins into bindable format by increasing the left margin on the right facing page and reducing the left margin on the left facing page.
  2. Optionally rescale these pages to facilitate the above.
  3. If required the postscript file may be edited to convert large blocks of coloured background to white along with converting any associated white text to black.

I have provide a detailed instruction set in PDF form here.

Download the Scripts and Programs

Download Current Version

Once downloaded open up a terminal and cd to the Download directory then unpack the software as follows:
tar -xzf pdf2book-x.x.x.tgz
(Substitute the actual numbers of the file for the 'x' above).
cd pdf2book-x.x.x/
sudo make install
You can remove this software when in this directory by:
sudo make uninstall

Once installed you will have 3 scripts, pdf2ps setmargins and makebook and also 2 programs odd and moveup. There is a man page for each of these scripts and programs and there are detailed instructions in the above mentioned PDF file.