Software Introduction

By default Ubuntu, and it's derivatives does not have the programs to build other programs installed, so you need to:
sudo apt-get install build-essential checkinstall

That should also do the job for Debian systems.

Fedora users can check this out:
how to install development tools in Fedora 20

All software here is kept as source code in tarballs. To compile any program just download the tarball and unpack it in some suitable directory, then:
tar -xzf program_name.tar.gz
cd program_name/
make install (as root using sudo or other means)
make clean

You can also uninstall this software with:
make uninstall (as root using sudo or other means)

You may if you prefer, clone the programs from github and build them using using autotools.
My account at github

The github version will always be updated first though I intend to update the tarball as soon as possible after any change.